Once upon a time, in the far lands of California, a construction company unlike any other was born.

As a young company, CAS serviced residential properties with waterproofing and concrete. 

A few years later, the owner, Jesse Lavie, expanded his services to multi-family, commercial, industrial, and government properties. Little did he know that this decision would change his life forever. Under the horrific weather of the Southlands, he searched for an exceptional team with the same drive to be the best. 

Over time, Jesse fueled his passion by acquiring his B and C8 license to help clients who were thirsty for more. 

With twenty years of experience, knowledge, and an uncompromising level of safety and quality, Jesse turned CAS into a successful company. Over time, CAS has gained an 80% repetitive client rate with notable customers such as Alliance Residential, Blackstone, GreyStar, Hudson, illi, HOAs, 14 Edison Facilities, Marriott, Hilton, and many more.

CAS is a full-service construction company, including:

  • Buildings T.I for exterior and interior common areas, including Title 24. 

  • Common areas - lobby renovations, corridors, pool decks, gyms, yoga rooms, dog playgrounds, and more.

  • Structural iron and framing.

  • Seismic retrofitting for soft-story - grade beams, moment frames, and balcony reinforcement according to EEE law. 

  • Millwork and interior design.

  • Complete building remodeling. 

  • Stucco and painting.

  • Scaffolding. 

  • Parking lots and subterranean garage solutions.

  • Waterproofing of all types - below grade, parking structures, and decks. 


Our comfort zone lies in the greater Los Angeles area. 

We always provide our clients with the best quality work at competitive prices because 100% customer satisfaction is our priority. 

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