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Commercial services

At CAS, we offer services to all types of commercial and multi-residential buildings, including:

  • T.I (Tenant Improvement) and Title 24

  • Hotels, Restaurants, Multi Family and Commercial Buildings, Offices, Parks, Ranging From $0 - $10MM. 

  • Complete Building – New Construction and Remodeling of Any Sized Building.

  • Common Areas - Lobbies, Corridors, Pool Decks, Gyms, Yoga Rooms, Dog Playgrounds & More

  • Structural Iron and Framing

  • Seismic Retrofitting for Soft-Story - Grade Beam, Moment Frames, and Balconies reinforcement SB326 and SB721 laws.

  • Millwork, and Interior Design.

  • Stucco & Painting, Scaffolding.

  • Parking Lots and Subterranean Garage’s Solutions.

Just to name a few of our clients: Marriott Hotels, GK Management, DBA Management, Hudson Pacific Properties, BlackStone, GreyStar, Moss & Company, Equity Office, Alliance Residential, illi Commercial, Arden Realty, Edison Water and Power, AGI, Private Label Design, Ross Morgan Management Co. and many more.

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