Commercial services

We have been in the concrete, masonry and asphalt business for nearly 20 years. 


We are focusing on providing a great service to an Apartment buildings, facilities, general contractors, developers, commercial and Industrial projects.


Just to name few of our clients: Equity Office, 7-11 parking lots, Carls Jrs., Taco Bells, Pizza Huts, Marriott hotels, 76 Gas Stations, and much more.


In March of 2011 we had the ultimate pleasure of serving 14 locations of Southern California Edison parking lots.


We offer the following services:


  • Concrete foundation, build and repair, slab or raised foundation

  • Retaining walls, masonry and stone work

  • Aprons, curbs and gutters

  • Asphalt and concrete parking lots, complete installation, resurface, and striping per code

  • Water damage repair (Subterranean garages)

  • Waterproofing with AVM system, OR Life Deck system (Decks, planters, walkable roofs)

  • Pavers installation

  • Modified cement overlay: Resurface your existing concrete (No demolition necessary). Stamped Overlay, Stencil overlay

  • Smooth finish interior: Polish concrete service and micro finish cement overlay (Will cover all patches and imperfection)

Asphalt paving services



Interior polished concrete


Retaining walls

Stone work

Subterranean garage




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