Earthquake  Reinforcement

Waterproofing exposed decks is a very important and delicate process. For this reason, it is highly recommended to hire a professional company that has experience in the field to complete your project in a safe manner.


Water can find its way through tiny cracks and holes and by the time you notice the moisture, it is too late. At that point you will need to hire a contractor to tear out walls and remediate mold.


Our system is an 8 layer process that minimizes the chance of penetration to almost 0. We take care of all cracks, crevices and corners and most important, we think like water and take into account slopping, wind, and storms.


We can apply this waterproofing system to:

  • Parking garage top flat-roof

  • Balconies

  • Plaza Decks

  • Pool Decks over parking structure

  • Vertical surfaces – Subterranean garage walls

  • Concrete Roof Decks

  • Manufacturing & Industrial Service Areas

  • And many other surfaces


The waterproofing membrane seals the surface and blocks out all moisture from penetrating the material with a manufacturer’s 10 year warranty.


Concrete Asphalt Specialists is an approved installer of many manufacturers. We work closely with the manufacturers so that we can make sure we are using them correctly and getting the maximum benefit for our customers. We know that it is important to always use the right tool or product for the job at hand!


Let us be proactive before you need to be reactive to a water issue!