Decorative concrete

Decorative concrete - Exterior Stamped Concrete (New Slab)


Stamped or patterned concrete is designed to not only look like stone, flagstone, slate and other patterns; but it also can stand alone as an artist enhancement of your home. This benefit makes getting a new walkway or driveway more affordable while still looking like the real thing.  You can get the durability of concrete material without having to settle for a plain and boring slab.  Turn that patio or driveway into a luxurious looking surface.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a decorative but affordable concrete installation.


Ashlar Slate – Various sizes of rectangles get pressed into the concrete right after it’s poured.  It is then stamped with real slate stone impressions.  This is elegant and perfect for driveways and around pools.


Slate – Achieve a real slate texture at a much lower price, all done with concrete. A true artistry.


Salt Finish – This finish leaves a variant pattern of shallow indentations on the surface.  This adds texture and  is not as slippery.  Good for high traffic areas and commercial locations.


Acid Wash Finish – This finish is good for giving more traction to areas that are wet a majority of the time.  Great for commercial outdoor areas and perfect for around pools and decks.


CAP has a wide array of pigments, designs, stencils and stone patters to choose from.  Call us today and let us know how we can help improve the look of your home or commercial building.


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