Subterranean garage solutions

Is water seeping through your subterranean garage? What about concrete spalling? Does your structure need an epoxy crack repair? Don't worry - call CAS! We will take care of your garage problems alongside our best structural engineers. Don’t leave damage unchecked - repair as earlier as possible to save money and hassle. 

We have a great relationship with Sika representatives who trust CAS to install their products per manufacturer requirements. 

Have an efflorescence (similar to white powder) due to water leaks through your building walls or ceilings?

CAS can waterproof your building’s exterior foundation.

Any type of underground construction presents challenges. CAS has intimate knowledge of soil behavior and drainage to navigate water away from your building foundations. 


We have experience in all underground construction, including:

  • Ground excavation

  • Waterproofing systems and moisture barriers

  • Shoring up existing structure and excavated areas

  • Construction of concrete foundations and retaining walls

  • Structural steel fabrication

  • Installation of drainage systems

  • Interior finishes


Contact us now to find out how we can assist you in your underground building challenges and your building renovation and remodeling