Waterproofing exposed decks is a critical and delicate process. For this reason, it is highly recommended to hire a professional company with extensive experience in the field to complete your project safely.


Water can find its way through tiny cracks and holes, and by the time you notice the moisture, it is too late. At that point, you will need to hire a contractor to tear out walls and remediate mold – an extremely time-consuming and costly exercise.


CAS is an approved installer for many manufacturers, including LifeDeck, Plideck, AVM, Polycoat, Westcoat, Sika, and more. We take everything seriously, ensuring to call the manufacturer rep to visit the site while during and right before the project’s completion in order to inspect our work and provide a long term warranty. By doing so, we minimize the chance of water penetration to nearly 0%. We take care of all existing cracks and corners, and, most importantly, we take into account slopping, wind, and storms.


We can apply this waterproofing system to:

Parking structures


Plaza decks

Pool decks 

Vertical surfaces – including subterranean garage walls

Concrete roof decks

Manufacturing and industrial service areas

And many other surfaces


The waterproofing membrane seals the surface and blocks out all moisture from penetrating the material, providing a manufacturer’s 5+5 year warranty.


Don’t wait for water problems to ruin your structures beyond easy repair. Be proactive, and contact us for a quote today for your building renovation and remodeling